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Each Adventure Supplement provides a complete adventure suitable for use with 3rd Edition. Mini-Adventures are designed to be quick and simple additions to a campaign -- the perfect fit for a short session, quick interlude, or random encounter.







In a laboratory of stone, the Sons of Jade labored to unlock the arcane lore of the Jade Magi of Shandrala. But their efforts were doomed, and their entire complex was drenched in the blood of their failure.

Now the secrets of the necrosis cube and the orb of primal chaos lie in halls roamed only by desiccated, undead horrors. But these are no ordinary zombies, and those who would seek to reclaim the Jade Legacy must first learn the terror of the bloodsheen...

RPGNow - Lulu PDF - Print Edition

20 pages - Sample Map

The Complex of Zombies, an adventure for four 3rd-level characters, features a full-page map of the complex; flexible plot hooks; three new magic items; and two new monsters in an exciting, fast-paced adventure easily incorporated into any campaign!






When a city is wracked by a magical plague that cannot be cured, the PCs are trapped inside the walls by the seal of quarantine. Will they hide from the threat of death? Or stand tall against the city's terror?


But whatever course they choose, nothing is ever as simple as it appears. Death breeds death, and before this mist-born plague has passed the entire city will be placed in a crucible of riot and fire and necromancy...


The Black Mist features...

  • Full-Color Handouts

  • Rules for Plague

  • Diseased Undead

  • Necromantic Magic Items

  • New Spells

  • Advanced Rules for Crowds and Mobs

  • Advanced Rules for Large Fires

RPGNow - Lulu PDF - Print Edition

64 pages - Handouts

The Black Mist, designed for four characters of 3rd to 5th level, can be used as an exciting adventure by itself or as the dramatic backdrop for any city-based campaign!



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