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Each City Supplement provides a complete fantasy city. In addition to a full-page map of the city, each supplement includes a description of the city's full history, an overview of the major characters and organizations, adventure seeds, and a complete gazetteer.






Three hundred years ago Dweredell was a teeming metropolis: The last city on the road to the great dwarven kingdoms of the east. The trade which passed through its gates was born from dwarven forges and western realms, and the riches which came with that trade made Dweredell a jewel among cities. Its people prospered, and its fortunes seemed endless.

But the dwarven kingdoms fell, and Dweredell lost its glory. The traffic from the east vanished. And, with Dweredell as the road's end, the merchants of the west soon realized that the city had nothing to offer them. The city slowed, and then it began to die...

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12 pages - Sample City Map

City Supplement 1: Dweredell features a full-page map of the city, new D20 rules, and a special bonus map of the Tower of the Sorcerer!






Atop the peak of Mt. Auroch, the fabled griffon riders make their home in the city of Aerie. Epic in its scope, Aerie has been carved into the very face of the mountain itself. Its people rule over a vast swath of territory, its trade with the dwarves of Westerdeep and the city-states of the east is rich, and its fame has spread far and wide. Indeed, its fortunes have never seemed fairer.

But all is not well in the city of Aerie. Merchant and knight have turned one upon the other, and mercenaries play each off against the other. If the coming crisis cannot be averted, even a city of stone may burn.

Here you will find all the wonders of Aerie, from the cyclopean maze of the Giant's Steps to the glorious sunken mansions of the upper city. Breathe deep the fresh, crisp mountain air and gaze upon the magnificent waterfalls of the eastern wall. Learn what it is to soar through the clouds on the backs of griffons...

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18 pages - Sample City Map

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City Supplement 2: Aerie features two full-page maps of the city for the DM and player, the masterpieces of Sarafina, and a special bonus map of Griffon Cave! 






Built of the seven fairy stones, the city of Anyoc stands proudly upon its hill. Pale purples mix with soft blues and faded greens; pinkish reds stand in contrast to burnished gold. And its white walls of essabas - the star stone - gleam in the bright light of the sun.

But long ago, in days dimmed by the thick mists of time, the site where Anyoc now stands was home to another great city: A black city which served dark and evil powers. It was said that the walls of that nameless city towered above its streets to a height of five hundred feet, and every inch of them was stained black with blood.

And beneath the streets of Anyoc, that ancient evil still waits for the time of its return...

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36 pages - Sample City Map
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City Supplement 3: Anyoc features full-color, black-and-white, and poster-size (21" x 16") maps of the city, a complete gazetteer featuring more than 30 unique locations, and bonus maps of the Westgate military complex and the Street of Trade!

 Full-color maps only available in the Deluxe Color and PDF editions.

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