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These supplements for 3rd Edition cover subjects and fill niches that don't quite fit into our lines of Adventure Supplements, City Supplements, or Rule Supplements. Enjoy these fresh additions to your 3rd Edition game!






Spells of Light and Dark: The Art of the Flame and Void contains 50+ spells themed around magical light and darkness. While many may merely dabble with the unrefracted glory of magical light and the stygian forces of magical darkness, there are great wonders and terrible powers to be harnessed by those willing to master their might...


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20 pages

New Spells: Animate Shadow, Banefire, Blacksight, Blinding Burst, Blinding Light, Blindsight Cocoon, Control Shadows, Dark Shroud, Eclipse, Endless Daylight, Endless Night, Endless Twilight, Gloomsight, Hidden Shadow, Incandescent Burst, Midnight Shroud, Moonlight, Obfuscate the Hidden Eye, Orb of Darkness, Orb of Light, Radiant Infusion, Shadow Chains, Shadowsheen, Shadow Spy, Shroud of Brilliance, Starflame, Touch of Shadow, True Darkness, Unholy Gloom, Utterdark Shroud, Wall of Shadows... and many more!


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