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Each Rule Supplement is designed to expand your personal 3rd Edition toolbox. They give you a plethora of options, broaden the scope of your campaigns, and make the game more fun for everyone. Each supplement also features an innovative new lay-out of sidebar cross-references, making these the easiest rules you'll ever use!






Rule Supplement 1: Mounted Combat is the most complete and authoritative resource for mounts and mounted combat in the D20 System. It includes rules for:

  • Flying mounts

  • Burrowing, climbing, and swimming mounts

  • Large and small mounts

  • Intelligent mounts

  • Multiple riders

  • Riding platforms

  • Cavalry maneuvers

  • Warpacks

  • Contest Jousting

... and more!


RPGNow - Lulu PDF - Print Edition

90 pages

Inside Rule Supplement 1: Mounted Combat you’ll also find new equipment, dozens of new skill uses, expanded descriptions of the Handle Animal and Ride skills, and more than 50 feats, along with all the rules you’ll ever need for riding a mount -- no need to flip back and forth between the core rulebooks!


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