What I'm Reading #72 - Pushing Ice

Throughout the book, Reynolds keeps emphasizing how various pieces of alien technology feature parts which seem to "turn" or "disappear" into an invisible space -- as if they were twisting into some sort of hidden dimension.

At the end of the book, as the main characters are flying away from the second BDO, they look back:

"Look at the middle," Axford said.

Bella complied. Many spokes of light -- each of which was a thick braid formed from hundreds of individual strands -- pushed inward from the inner face of the torus, as if they were meant to connect with each other, or form a bridge to some other knot of strands in the middle of the torus.

But there was nothing there. The braids splayed apart, ragged as the branches of a lightning-struck tree.

"Something's missing," Bella said. "It looks as if it wasn't finished."

"Or it was finished but something was destroyed. Perhaps that's the answer to the question, Bella."

"The question?"

"About where the Spicans went. Perhaps the animals revolted, and stormed the zoo."

"Then the Spicans are dead."

Possibly. But if I had to lay money on it, I'd guess the Spicans are sitting right there in the center of everything.

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Author: Alastair Reynolds
Published: 2006
Publisher: Ace
Cover Price: $8.99


Pushing Ice - Alastair Reynolds

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