Adapted from the Letters of John Adams and Abigail Smith by

Justin Alexander


Through war and peace, tragedy and joy, the friendship and love of John Adams and Abigail Smith formed a passionate and enduring marriage which helped shape the future of a newborn America .

Through long years of separation – brought about by John’s work in Boston and Philadelphia during the events of the American Revolution – the couple’s only means of communication were their letters. Literally thousands of letters survive, and this unique adaptation – in the style of A.R. Gurney’s Love Letters – allows the couple to live again in their own words.

The play was produced independently in January 2002. It received a second production in August 2007 as part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

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By Anton Chekhov
Translated by Justin Alexander

The classic tale of misprized affection, broken loves, and failing dreams receives a fresh translation by Justin Alexander. This faithful rendition of Chekhov's self-described comedy in four acts captures the diverse cast of characters, offers the natural rhythms of unstrained speech, and flows beautifully from one passage to the next -- yet never strays from a true rendering of Chekhov's masterpiece.

This translation was originally produced in January 2009 in the South High Skybox Theater.

Translation Notes: The Art of Proxy Translation
Translation Notes: Quoting Hamlet
Translation Notes: Jupiter is Angry
Translation Notes: (Not So) Virgin Woods


A New Ending by Justin Alexander

Richard II: Thomas of Woodstock only survives in a well-thumbed manuscript. Literally well-thumbed: The edges of its pages, worn thin by apparently decades of use as a playhouse prompt script, are disintegrating.

But that’s not all: The manuscript’s cover sheet has been lost, taking with it the original name of the play and the author’s name. The last few pages are also missing, taking with them the end of the play. Despite being battered and beaten, the play has survived. And it brings with it a host of mysteries of enigmas.

If one is to perform this intriguing play, of course, an ending must be supplied. This new ending, written by Justin Alexander, was first performed as part of The Complete Readings of William Shakespeare by the American Shakespeare Repertory.

Richard II: Thomas of Woodstock - The End of the Story
Richard II: Thomas of Woodstock (Full Script, PDF)

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  • Advanced Technique - Ken Washington

  • Audition Workshop - Jane Brody


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  • Risa Persian


  • One Acts ’95: Faust – Author (South High)

  • West Side Story – Assistant Director (South High)

  • One Acts ’96: Elucidations – Director/Co-Author (South High)

  • Chessmasters – Author (MCAE)

  • John and Abigail – Author/Producer/Director (Dream Machine)

  • The Seagull - Director/Translator (South High)

  • Transdimensional Couriers Union - Assistant Director (Walking Shadow Theater)