December 2008

"What the hell kind of apartment has a moat?"
December 4th, 2008


Boom de yada!

Sorry the website hasn't been getting the proper TLC. My attention has been almost wholly consumed -- albeit divided -- between (a) working on my new house and (b) the production of The Seagull I'm directing at South High School in Minneapolis.

South High is my alma mater, and under the guidance of Louise Bormann it has had a consistently excellent theater department. I feel very honored to be serving as a guest director. For The Seagull I started by producing a completely original proxy translation of the play, and am now embroiled in the actual directing of the play -- which also includes developing in-depth acting workshops for the actors.

I keep expecting to be able to get a few days ahead in my prep work for the project and, thus, find the time to work on other projects. But that hasn't actually happened yet.

And I'm still stuck working off my laptop... which is a perfectly nice computer, but has only a fraction of the software I use to keep this website properly up to date.

Soon, however, I'm hoping to have things back to normal.

Thanks for your patience.